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Help installing an App?

Learn how to install an Enterprise app now

Installing an enterprise mobile application is a fairly straight forward process once you have signed in to apps@nasa. 

From your phone or tablet, there are two ways to sign in, either from the sign-in at the top as seen below.

Or you may click the Please sign into install this app link directly below the screenshots on the Catalog screen for the mobile app. This is probably the most direct way to sign in. 


Next after clicking either sign in link, you will then be redirected to the NASA Launchpad to present your credentials. On your phone or tablet you must choose the Agency ID tab at the top in order to authenticate with a user id and password. 

Finally after successful authentication, you will either be redirected back to the Catalog screen for the mobile app you were browsing or you may navigate there manually. This time on the device tab under the list of screenshots, you will see a Download link similar to the one below.

That is it! Click the download link to begin installing the application to your mobile device.  



Sep 26, 2017 6:59:07 PM