About Us

Welcome to CIMA at the NEACC!

The NASA Center for Internal Mobile Applications (CIMA) is the creator and manager of apps@NASA – the Agency solution for centralized distribution of internal mobile applications which are intended for use by NASA-only audiences. The CIMA is operated out of the NASA Enterprise Applications Competency Center (NEACC) in Huntsville, AL.

The CIMA approach to centralization and distribution of NASA internal apps is Mobile Application Management (MAM) – which is best characterized as application-centric. This approach makes it easier to target the things that matter most to NASA – the internal mobile apps and NASA data that may be used. It allows for the use of both Agency-issued and personal devices. User device preferences and personal private data are left alone.

Whether you need an application for desktop or mobile use, you will find the latest Agency internal mobile application offerings on apps@NASA. Over time the availability of apps on apps@NASA will increase.