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August 2016 - CIMA News and Metrics

Annual CIMA iOS Provisioning Profile Update

The annual update of the CIMA iOS provisioning profile was completed in August.   The CIMA iOS provisioning profile expired on August 20, 2016. If you have an iOS device and haven’t already downloaded the  ’apps@NASA’,  you should do so.


Consolidating Mobile App Support at CIMA

The transition of the support for iOS public apps from Emerging Technology and Desktop Standards (ETADS) to CIMA continues.   Our goal was to make this transition as seamless as possible and we believe we achieved that goal.   Since the development of mobile apps is growing, we are planning to take this opportunity during the transition to make some process improvements in the submission process for both internal and public apps by streamlining/standardizing some of the steps.  We will be working with the  Once the transition is complete, developers will have a single place to go for guidance on developing mobile apps whether for internal use or for the general public and one group to work with to get their apps published.

We are excited about the possibilities that this transition offers.   Look for further announcements regarding the transition over the next several months.  


App Updates/News

App Updates available on apps@NASA

Four apps were updated on apps@NASA in August 2016.   Those four apps were SSC Engine Test Mobile, SMA Learning Catalog, Dose Tracker and the Damage Client


App Updates on Apple App Store

Two  apps were updated during August 2016 on the Apple App Store.   Those apps were GLOBE Observer and LaRC Alerts


Apps around the Agency

There are several other apps being developed around the Agency.  Mobile developers can take advantage of the CIMA reusable code libraries by requesting access to DevCenter via NAMS.   In NAMS, search on ‘CIMA’ and then select the ‘CIMA Developer’ role.   Contact us at for more information.


August 2016 - apps@NASA Metrics from Pulse Analytics

The following chart shows the number of downloads of several apps (new or updated versions) by day during August 2016 and the second chart shows the number of downloads of several apps (new or updated versions) by day during September 2015.   These charts show a comparison of the months in which the CIMA iOS annual provisioning profile updates were released and gives an indication in the growth of the mobile app presence in NASA.