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February 2013 - CIMA News and Metrics


App Updates/News

CIMA recently released new versions of NASA Contacts, which includes the new BlackBerry version of the app.   All versions (iOS, Android, and BlackBerry) are available for download.  


Coming soon to apps@NASA is the much anticipated Android version of WebTADS Mobile.  The Android version has been developed and is in testing currently.  The target release date is March 2013. 


Also a new JSC developed app was recently hosted on apps@NASA.  The Visual ISS Configuration (VIC) tool assists with visualizing and communicating the current and potential ISS configuration to a wide audience.


Developer Virtual Workshop

CIMA and ETADS are planning to host a ‘virtual’ mobile app developer workshop on April 24, 2013.  More details will provided in the coming weeks.  If you are a mobile app developer and interested in participating, please let us know by contacting us at


apps@NASA Metrics from Pulse Analytics

CIMA began capturing metrics regarding the usage of apps@NASA and the various mobile apps hosted there in March 2012.  The following chart shows the number of downloads of the following apps (new or updated versions) during that time period:  NASA Contacts, EQ Inventory, NasaApps and WebTADS Mobile.




The next chart shows average daily usage of apps@NASA website and the subsequent chart shows average daily usage of apps@NASA mobile app for the month of February 2013.