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Attendance Badge Scanner for iPad

Attendance Badge Scanner is a native iOS application (intended for use on iPads), developed at SSC that allows users to create an event and then log its attendance via scanning of NASA PIV badges.

Supported Platforms
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- Data-At-Rest encryption enabled with data stored locally and independently on the device, leaving the database unreadable when the system is locked or the app is in the background. Email forwarding restricted to domain.
- Integrated Scanning capability using either the rear or front camera on supported devices with Resume option for existing Events
Event Data Maintenance:
- Create Events with optional Course Numbers, Map attendee info and Delete. Email Forwarding
- Forward either mapped or unmapped Event data for reporting purposes
How it works:
- User creates an Event (including Event Name and optional Course Number) on
the device.
- App enters scan mode and is ready to begin continuous scanning of NASA PIV
badges of event attendees.
o Includes scan validation,to ensure successful scanning of a valid NASA PIV badge number
- User can exit scanning at any point and then select from existing events on the
device to resume scanning attendance for it.
- At any point, the user can view the list of scanned attendees for any event
and/or send the attendee list to a ( email address that they specify.
- List will be emailed to user as an attached Excel spreadsheet.
- Data included for each scanned badge number includes:

* Event Name
* Badge Number
* Full Name
* Center
* Employer
* Phone
* Email
- Once an event is complete, the user can choose to delete the event and permanently remove its associated data from the device.
- All data is encrypted and stored locally and independently on the device.


Updated provisioning profile expires 3/30/2023